Human Rights by the United Nations?

Human rights are universal legal guarantees protecting individuals and groups against actions by governments that interfere with fundamental freedoms and human dignity. Human rights law obliges governments to do some things and prevents them from doing others.

    Human Rights Characteristics

  • International Guaranteed
  • Legally Protected
  • Focus on Dignity and the Human Being
  • Protecting the Individual and Groups
  • Obliges States and State Actors
  • Cannot Be Waived / Taken Away
  • Equal and Interdependent
  • Universal

    Who Monitor Human Rights

  • Government Ministries and Services
  • National Human Rights Institutions
  • Courts
  • Parliament
  • Police
  • NGOs
  • Media
  • Universities

    Arbitrary Arrest & Detention

  • Deprivation of liberty, without legal reason or process, by an act of Government or with its complicity, tolerance or acquiescence.
  • not based on legal grounds
  • not respecting legal procedures
  • not reasonable/appropriate in the circumstances
  • proportional to the legal objects
  • discriminatorys
  • without fair, solid and substantial cause

    The Rights of Victims

  • All victims of crime, abuse of power or human rights violations shall be treated with compassion and respect
  • Victims shall have access to mechanisms of justice and prompt redress
  • Redress procedures shall be expeditious, fair, inexpensive and accessible
  • Victims shall be informed of their rights in seeking redress and protection